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The word “founder” conjures up a strong image. Perhaps you think first of the founding fathers of the United States of America. Or some famous founders of large companies. Founders are so important to society because without them, there would be no great nations, great companies, great universities, or great organizations.

At Founder Nonfiction, we of course admire these types of founders—the people who turn their ideas into great legacies that last lifetimes, but to us, you don’t have to be internationally known to have an incredible story worth sharing. We believe founders are everywhere, hiding in plain sight as small business owners, as teachers, as pastors, as counselors, as parents and even as friends.

So, what makes someone a founder? In our minds, founders go where no one has gone before. They’re starters and fresh thinkers. They’re creative and innovative problem solvers. They boldly follow their passions, no matter how big or small. What separates a founder from the rest is that they are on a unique path. They each have a story only they can tell, and our mission is to help get those stories out into the world.

Typically, we do this with books and e-books. We love spending time with our authors and helping them write books that become invaluable assets to them as they grow their businesses and organizations and as they interact with customers. But sometimes stories need to be told before there’s enough time to sit down and work on a big project like a book or an e-book.

That’s why we created our Founder Stories series.

Introducing Founder Stories

Founder Stories is a new series we are presenting on our blog. It gives us the opportunity to sit down with founders all across the country and find out what motivates and inspires them—what drives them to be the innovative thinkers they are.

One thing we’ve learned over the years of writing books is that customers truly appreciate getting to know the people behind the businesses they frequent. Stories are ways that customers get to spend time with you—time they wouldn’t normally have because you’re busy doing what you do. These interviews are a chance for busy professionals to share pieces of their stories without committing to the process that a book or e-book requires.

Are You a Founder?

We would love to hear from you! If you’d like to talk to us about being interviewed for Founder Stories or if you know someone who has a great story to tell, let us know.

In the meantime, stay tuned to our blog so that you don’t miss any of our Founder Stories releases. You can check out the first one, an interview with Stylehawk Event Services founder Cameron Ungar, here. Coming soon is an interview with Matthew Grisafe, founder and president of AV Programming Associates and author of the 2015 book Our Code: AVPA’s Strong Commitment to Consistency and Service.

We’re excited about this new series, and we hope that the interviews serve as tools not only for the interviewees to share with the world, but also as sources of inspiration for others who are working towards implementing big ideas and creating new paths in their industries and lives.

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