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The internet has created incredible opportunities for business owners, especially since the rise of social media. It has never been easier to get the word out about your business and to find your customers, both in your local area and around the nation, even around the world.

Well… almost.

The problem anymore isn’t so much getting the word out—nowadays it’s about standing out among all the other business owners that are also using the internet and social media to advertise and create a buzz around their businesses.

That’s why we’re very excited to announce the unique relationship we’ve built with the small business publication Businessing Magazine. We’ve been regular contributors to Businessing for a while now, which has enabled us to start and participate in all sorts of conversations about topics relevant to small business owners. Some have been directly related to Maven and business books (e.g. “Behind the Scenes of Writing a Business Book”), while others have been broader topics that any business owner could relate to, whether or not writing a book is on their mind (e.g. “Texting Can Be for Serious Business!”).

One especially cool perk about contributing to Businessing Magazine is that it has also given us the opportunity to talk about our authors, their upcoming book releases, and their businesses. Because most Businessing readers are small business owners themselves, we know our authors’ books are of interest to the magazine’s audience, and it gives us a unique channel of author promotion most publishers don’t have.

Even after a book has long been released, our authors are not forgotten. So many topics about small businesses weave together, and we find ourselves naturally talking about our authors and their books in all sorts of contexts. For example, we recently wrote a piece for Businessing about mission statements, and pointed to two of our San Diego authors’ books as examples. Those books had been released months prior, but the topic of mission statements is always relevant, and a common point of anxiety for business owners, especially new ones.

Businessing Magazine is ranked as one of the top 50 small business magazines according to Google, making it a great place to reach an audience of small business owners. For Maven, it has been a perfect partnership, and we’re excited about the benefits for our authors. There are a lot of different ways to approach book marketing, and a feature in a great publication like Businessing is a fantastic way to stand out among the crowd.

If you’re thinking about writing a business book, contact us today. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help with the process and about how we can work with Businessing Magazine to help your book during its release and long after it has been published!

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