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We are so excited to announce that two of our recently published e-books have won Gold Awards at this year’s dotCOMM Awards! The dotCOMM Awards, one of the competitions administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), honors “excellence in web creativity and digital communication.” The dotCOMM Awards is an international competition, meaning entries came in from businesses all over the world. We’re so proud to be among the winners!

The first Gold-winning entry was Home Entertainment and Control at the Tip of Your Finger: A Glimpse into Luxury Living Made Possible by Advanced Home Automation. Written by AV Programming Associates (AVPA) president Matthew Grisafe, this e-book takes readers into the home of the Groves family. This family lives in an advanced automated smart home, and the e-book describes how the various features of the home assist the family members as they move about their day. With two working parents and two school-age children, they are very busy, and their automated smart home helps them stay efficient while also allowing them space and time to have fun and entertain guests.

The second award-winning e-book was A Homeowner’s Guide to Buying Replacement Windows, which was written by BM Windows CEO Michal Bohm. Buying replacement windows can be an intimidating project for homeowners, and most don’t even know where to begin. This e-book is a six-step guide that walks San Diego homeowners from start to finish through the process of buying vinyl replacement windows for their homes.

These e-books are incredible customer service tools for both AVPA and BM Windows. By putting so much helpful information about their products and services into a beautifully designed and well-written e-book, these companies are showing their customers that they go the extra mile, and that customers can expect that same level of service and care when AVPA or BM Windows is working in their homes. The e-books demonstrate these companies’ expertise in their fields, while also showing their passion for their work.

Best of all, both of these e-books are free for customers to download! Grisafe and Bohm both recognized the importance of making this information easily available for current and potential customers, and all of their companies’ e-books are downloadable from their own websites, as well as from ours.

We’re so honored that the dotCOMM Awards recognized the creative excellence of these two e-books. Yes, they are fantastic practical resources for customers looking either for home automation services or for replacement window advice, but they’re so much more than that. A lot of thought and planning went into the design and layout of these e-books, and it shows. We know AVPA and BM Windows could have made simple lists of bullet points and put them up on their websites or printed them out for customers, but these e-books are so much more eye-catching and impactful.

We’ve seen great results from informational e-books like the award-winning ones we published for AVPA and BM Windows. They’re great tools and resources for customers, and they are a creative way to market your products and services in greater detail. If you think an e-book might help your customers, let us know! We’d love to partner with you and get it done right so that it can be an enormous asset (and potentially an award-winning one!) to your company.

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