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You won’t agree with everything in this book. That’s part of the beauty of advice—you can take it or leave it. But by considering the advice in this book you will either see something in a new way, or simply be forced to reaffirm what you already thought. Either way, you will think critically about… Read more about Simple Business Advice

Follow the Groves family through a typical day to see how smart home technology has enhanced the way they live, work, and entertain in their home. Using advanced smart home technology, this family is experiencing the luxurious lifestyle they’ve always wanted, and is able to control virtually every system in their home—from lighting, to home… Read more about Home Entertainment and Control at the Tip of Your Finger

Buying replacement windows isn’t something homeowners do all the time. In fact, it is something most people will only do once in their lifetime. Many homeowners don’t know what to look for in a replacement window company, or don’t even know the right questions to ask. We’ve created this six-step guide to aid San Diego… Read more about A Homeowner’s Guide to Buying Replacement Windows

Certainly, you can evaluate the amount of money you will spend on replacing your windows and compare it to the amount you expect to save every year in energy costs, but is that the only thing to consider? In this publication, we will look at the various reasons why it is a good investment in… Read more about Investing In Your Home: Replacement Windows and Doors

A huge part of being a successful small business owner is about managing finite resources of time and money to achieve business goals. When it comes to delivering on the critical website needs of small business owners without taxing the vital resources small businesses must maximize to be successful in today’s economy, WordPress is the… Read more about WordPress: Free, Cheap, or Professional?

We’ve found the topic of hiring to be of great interest to many small business owners. In fact, we report the top ten most popular articles on Businessing Magazine each quarter, and topics about hiring, how to interview candidates, and where to find potential employees often make the list. Most small business owners recognize the… Read more about Attract. Evaluate. Hire.

Choosing to start a business is a powerful decision. It brings with it a great sense of freedom, but also a great sense of responsibility. We know there’s a reason why you believe starting a business is right for you, but if you’re going to be successful, you need real advice from real business owners.… Read more about Startup

Having built AV Programming Associates Inc. from the ground up, President Matthew Grisafe has learned a lot of lessons not only about his industry, but also about the keys to running a successful business. In this second edition of Our Code, Grisafe reflects on the early days of his company, the various team members who… Read more about Our Code

Kill the Noise explores the basic premise that small business owners need to develop discipline and focus on what it is they truly do best and avoid the distractions, wasted time and unproductive side projects. The noise. By learning to identify and kill the noise, small businesses can operate more efficiently with a simpler model.… Read more about Kill the Noise

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Finding and Keeping the Best Workers: Tips from a Boutique Nonfiction Publisher

Like many small businesses, one of the keys to our success at Founder Nonfiction is that we are consistently able to find great contractors. Publishing requires specialized skills, and we’ve made it our mission to seek out (and keep!) people with the specific expertise we’re looking for. As we’ve listened to the stories of so… Read more about Finding and Keeping the Best Workers: Tips from a Boutique Nonfiction Publisher

San Diego Crestron Programming Company Finds Success by Staying Nimble and Capitalizing on Opportunities

Matthew Grisafe is the owner and president of AV Programming Associates (AVPA), a San Diego-based independent programming company. They specialize in Crestron and Extron programming for everything from residences, to government buildings, to restaurants and hotels, to sports arenas. If there is an AV programming need, AVPA has the expertise to solve it. Matt is… Read more about San Diego Crestron Programming Company Finds Success by Staying Nimble and Capitalizing on Opportunities